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Blogworthy Moments of 2013 {that have not been blogged...}

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Hey there readers!! Happy new year! Anyone still here????? Despite my lack of charting "recording", a LOT has been going on in our lives and since the new year is already here, I decided now would be a good time to summarize all of the "highlights" from the past few months. I hate to say it but lately I have not been using my trusty "good camera" as much as I would like to and I plan to change that this next year. I absolutely love viewing life through that lens.

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The year 2013 has definitely been a year of CHANGE. I graduated in July, passed my boards in August and got a job in September... I work three 12 hour days a week and I absolutely love what I'm doing and where I am. Being a new grad, there has been a LOT of OJT but thankfully, the people I work with ask me if I need help before I can get it out of my mouth that I do. Even though the days can be stressful and very hard, I thank God every day for my nursing school experience, the staff that I work with now and the patients that I work for. I am where I'm supposed to be.

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Aaron has been working on his engineering degree! The classes he has been taking are entirely over my head and he has had to study very hard. We never thought we would say this but... He's actually realized just how easy baseball was (though he worked very hard physically) and that this engineering process is, well, lets just say... character building. We are being stretched and molded by living and working way outside what is "comfortable" and we are becoming better for it. But did I mention that it's HARD?? ;) He has also continued to do pitching lessons on the side, which on top of school, has kept him very busy.

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Onto other happenings... Julie has moved to Jackson and we had a blast decorating her cute little apartment! She took Belle with her because well, they have been inseparable since the beginning. They are two peas in a pod.  Julie, Jess and I have a group text going and I get photos and videos of Belle everyday so that helps with the distance. 

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Jessica and Evan got ENGAGED!!! These two lovebirds will be tying the knot in August in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! We are beyond thrilled to have Evan become an official member of our family. We just love him!!

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We even found Jessica a BEE-U-TIFUL dress in bham one weekend!

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Speaking of weddings, our cousin Leigh Leigh got married in October! She was as beautiful as I have ever seen her. God was glorified through that entire weekend.

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I have enjoyed having more time to run and bike and just BE OUTSIDE! Having four days a week to be Sally Homemaker and play outside are two of the many reasons I love my nursing career.

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Now for some Christmas snapshots...

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One of my favorite pictures from Christmas morning below... Julie and Aaron are making Nespresso's, I'm reading over a recipe I'm in the middle of baking, Jessica is observing and commenting and mom is cleaning up all of our messes we are making! {Evan was probable cleaning up the ginormous mound of wrapping paper in the living room and Dad is standing on the chair capturing it all, obviously.}

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And after our big breakfast we all joined Belle and relaxed the whole rest of the day... It was a very merry christmas once again.

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Now it's onto a new year and new year's resolutions... I may share those with you soon... More blogging is definitely one of them! Thanks for reading long lost friends! 

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  1. Welcome Back and Happy New Year!! Can't wait to read new posts :)



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