Monday, October 27, 2014

Harlan is here!

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John "Harlan" Calhoun entered this world on October 16, 2014 at 7 pounds 11 ounces and 21 and 1/4 inches long. Courtney and Clay have made the transition beautifully... little love has as well. 

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I was scheduled to work on his birth day but thankfully all I had to do to see Court was walk through a set of double doors. I was able to spend some time with them that morning before my work day started and right before Harlan decided to make his debut. My little bambino must have sensed that Harlan was on his way because he/she was kicking up a storm! {Which is one of the sweetest feelings in the world I must say.}

 photo IMG_3983_zps277350b6.jpg

Courtney handled the delivery {and everything that goes with it} with such poise. She was smiling, calm, and instinctively started mothering as soon as that baby was in her arms.

 photo DSC_0905_zps39969502.jpg

Clay was such a proud Dad!

 photo IMG_3984_zps73dc1006.jpg

Family and friends came from far and wide to meet the little guy. He's been quite popular since his birth day.

 photo DSC_0899_zpsac79e7b9.jpg

The new family of three have made it home and Courtney says it's been a "living and learning" kind of transition... I can only imagine. Look at how beautiful Harlan's nursery turned out...

 photo DSC_8841_zps558c1aee.jpg

 photo DSC_8844_zpsa85f0ec5.jpg

 photo DSC_8902_zps6ce76f41.jpg

The "brothers" have had to do some adjusting as well... they have learned they have to be "gentle" around the baby... and most of the time you can tell they are reeeeeally trying to be and it's hilarious.

 photo DSC_9039_zpsd70d500a.jpg

We just couldn't resist getting a picture of this little punkin' with Court's fall decor ;)

 photo DSC_9063_zps11bc8d95.jpg

 photo DSC_8876_zpsba20c14b.jpg

I come over to see this little man and his momma every day that I can... He loves his Aunt Jill to hold him and his Mom loves the coffee and treats I bring her ;)

 photo DSC_8909_zps645012d6.jpg

He has been just the sweetest baby. So far, he has his Daddy's chin and his Momma's laid back temperament. {I'm knocking on wood as I type this} I told Aaron not to expect our little one to be quite this chill... ha!

 photo DSC_0926_zpsdf6257d9.jpg

 photo DSC_8969_zpsf0a97ef2.jpg

 photo DSC_8865_zps9253aa29.jpg

Sometimes when I hold little John Harlan my heart literally swells and starts to ache because I just love the little bug so much... I think it's because of how much I love his mom. Seeing her go through this major life transition so gracefully has been inspiring. Every time my little one starts kicking Harlan while he's on my belly makes me so thankful my heart could just burst. Maybe they will be best friends just like their Mommas and Daddies are.

 photo DSC_0910_zps75a9cb73.jpg

 photo DSC_0933_zps0f84aad9.jpg

You are so loved John Harlan Calhoun.

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Annie" Carter Grovenstein

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While we've been on the subject of her parents the past couple of blog posts, I thought y'all might like to meet little Miss Annie... the newest member of the Grovenstein family. 

 photo IMG_3731_zpsa0972287.jpg

While she looks just like her Mom, she has her Dad's energetic personality.

 photo IMG_1573_zps70e1e9a3.jpg

She is a wild woman!

 photo DSC_8719_zps8379eda2.jpg

She loves to play outside and eat grass and sticks...

 photo DSC_8697_zpsc1a89891.jpg

... and shoelaces...

 photo DSC_8707_zps33e8c0b0.jpg

She will sit upon command...

 photo DSC_8713_zpsed8cf218.jpg

... and is the sweetest little angel you ever did meet. We just love her.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Evan and Jessica {Part II}

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Hey! It's me again. I'm here with Part II of Evan and Jessica's wedding day. If you want to see Part I click here.

 photo 201408021D4954_zpsa89d1a8a.jpg

There were just a million things to be thankful for that day. It was Jessica's WEDDING DAY and she was marrying her dream boy and our dream brother Evan. Almost all of our favorite people were there to celebrate. We were in our favorite place on earth. It was all so good.

 photo EvanampJessica-421_zps63c149b5.jpg

 photo 201408021D4985_zps7dc4d44b.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-477_zps4857f5e7.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-462_zpsdb3ea621.jpg

Jessica didn't have hardly a care in the world that day... She was just thrilled to finally be marrying Evan. It's ok, we took care of her "would be" cares for her so it was all good.

 photo 201408021D5135_zpsd3eeef3e.jpg

 photo 201408021D5258_zps0e0ceaba.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-545_zps2198b104.jpg

After the ceremony and group shots, the photographer took the bride and groom on a little photo safari while everyone else headed back to the cabin to put the final finishes on dinner.

 photo 201408021D5284_zpsc53b5c12.jpg

We were overwhelmed at everyone's willingness to pitch in and make the dinner so special and not to mention, delicious. We planned the menu out months in advance and prepared the food little by little in the days leading up to the wedding. As you can see, everyone was hard at work and still having a good time! I love my family.

 photo 201408021D5283_zpsb4c1e129.jpg

We used a variety of china dishes from our grandparents, aunts and my mom.

 photo EvanampJessica-60_zps69a24192.jpg

We made some of Evan and Jessica's favorite foods like bacon wrapped green beans, deviled eggs, beef tenderloin, cheesy mashed potatoes, etc.

 photo EvanampJessica-668_zpsb1d2afbc.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-667_zps043e67bd.jpg

While the happy couple was taking pictures, guests enjoyed appetizers outside on the deck.

 photo 201408021D5295_zpsc6dcbfea.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-56_zps8a4c6c48.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-682_zps91cb11c3.jpg

As soon as the newlyweds arrived, we welcomed them, Dad said a special blessing and prayer and then we enjoyed dinner under the stars.

 photo EvanampJessica-660_zps19c5c9b1.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-39_zps0e01e792.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-687_zps10e8019f.jpg

Evan requested a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for his grooms cake because that's his favorite. I think we enjoyed his cake as much as the wedding cake!

 photo EvanampJessica-688_zps68b1a234.jpg

 photo EvanampJessica-697_zps6160d624.jpg

After the cakes were cut and toasts were made, Evan decided he wanted to be comfortable {ha!} and changed before they took off to their honeymoon... which happened to be in Jackson Hole because why on earth would you leave?

 photo EvanampJessica-766_zps717838f3.jpg

There are SO many more pictures and little tidbits from the day that I do not have room to share on this little blog, but these two posts definitely hit the highlights. Their wedding day was totally a team effort to carry out. With Jessica's preferences in the back of her mind, my mother planned the entire weekend and with the help of our family, we were able to execute every little thing.

 photo EvanampJessica-321_zps9bdc6b49.jpg

Evan and Jessica say that their special day could not have been any more perfect. I couldn't agree more. It takes a village... and they have a strong one on their side.

 photo EvanampJessica-647_zpsc1f534e9.jpg

All photos taken by: Jamye Chrisman and my Uncle John Holland


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