Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunny Summer Days

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Days on the gulf are some of the highlights of our summer... with a picnic lunch, waves to surf, and a wiffle ball game to play... it's so much fun.

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Some days, when Aaron and I just want to get away together we go to "our spot" on the beach... He fishes and I read and relax... we bring a picnic lunch and stay allllll day. 

 photo DSC_0784_zpsf810ac8d.jpg

 photo DSC_0740_zpsf80e949d.jpg

The pelicans know who butters their bread...

 photo DSC_0752_zpse88f73fd.jpg

One of my favorite beach snacks is frozen watermelon that is thawing out... so COLD and refreshing... and I love the texture.

 photo DSC_0779_zps1a3be739.jpg

 photo DSC_0795_zpsd195eb65.jpg

When our weeks have been filled with anything and everything, it is therapeutic to just getaway together and leave it all behind.

 photo DSC_0794_zps7cdbce36.jpg

These are some of our favorite days.



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