Thursday, September 5, 2013

Canada Continued...

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Hey there! I hope you enjoyed reading Court's Ironman story in the post before this... as if I did not already have Ironman fever before, I have it now worse than ever! So, moving on... I have more pictures from our Canada trip to share and talk about. This is the last post and I'm kind of sad because I have loved reliving our vacation. I think that is my absolute favorite part of blogging... I get to relive the highlights as I write and scroll through my pictures. 

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While we did thoroughly enjoy our time in the mountains, we also enjoyed spending time exploring Calgary, sampling the local fare, spending time with our family...

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... and did I mention eating? We joked all week that all we did was eat... and eat... hey, it was vacation!

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Uncle Scott took us to this amazing jerky shop where they literally make jerky of every flavor and every animal around those parts. Aaron and I ate both bags on one car ride... ha!

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They also took us to this indoor market and it was heaven...

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There was local fresh produce for the sampling, beautiful desserts, and the most delicious crepes I have ever tasted. This market definitely topped my list of favorite places in Calgary.

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At the end of one of our long hikes, Mrs. Vickie and Aunt Tara had elk and buffalo hot dogs waiting for us in the car. They were amazing! Also, Aaron is obsessed with Old Dutch Ketchup chips {I am too now}. Every time my dad goes hunting in Canada, he brings Aaron back some because you can't buy them in the states... Needless to say, we ate these the entire trip.

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One day while the guys played golf, Aunt Tara took Mrs. Vickie and I to this adorable local berry farm. 

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Have you ever heard of saskatoon berries? They are delicious sweet little berries grown all over the area. They look like miniature blueberries. Cherries grow abundantly in Calgary as well... just like they did in Washington. 

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Not only do they grow saskatoon berries that you can pick yourself, but they grow and sell trees, plants, and other edible items.

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Mrs. Vickie and I were drooling over the succulents below... I have never seen them this big in real life! If only we could have brought two home across the border...

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The green rolling hills and farmland with the Canadian Rockies in the distance make Calgary beautiful in its own way.

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And seeing wildflowers {Sticky Geranium and Wild Rose pictured above and Mountain Harebell below... I know, I'm a nerd} and aspen trees on a daily basis is something I could get used to.

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Seeing poppies growing in the flower beds at Lake Louise made me happy. Why? Not only because they are bright and pretty, but because we used to grow them in our front yard in Jackson Hole. I guess they prefer a much cooler climate because I never see them grown down here in the South!

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Well I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about our time in Alberta... I have definitely loved writing about it. Like I have said before, it was a dream come true {of mine} to see and climb the huge, jagged Canadian Rockies.

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Visiting the colorful alpine lakes, seeing the wildflowers and doing all of this with my favorite person and his family was icing on the cake

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  1. That's awesome. Michelle and I are heading for Victoria, BC tomorrow :)



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