Friday, August 13, 2010

funny story

Howdy folks!

So do y'all remember a few posts ago I mentioned I was babysitting the three hooligans? Well I meant to tell this story for that post but I forgot.

So Sanders (he's the dad/hitting coach and like all the other guys, I call him by his last name), told me about an interesting conversation he had with his boys laying in bed the night of the first day I kept them.  Here is the dialogue of their conversation:

Troy (the youngest):  Dad, what is Jill?

Sanders: What do you mean Troy? Like is she white, black, or mexican?

Troy: No Dad, like what IS she? She talks funny..

Marcus (the middle one):  Yeah Dad! Today she asked us (in a dramatic southern accent he quoted), "Y'ALL WANNA GO TO THE PARK?"

Sanders: (is cracking up)

Troy: Yeah Dad, she talks like a COWGIRL!

Wow, I've been told by almost everyone I come in contact with out here that I have a very thick southern draw... but I have to say, no one's ever called me a COWGIRL!  I was cracking up and thought y'all might laugh too... and of course I had to stick a somewhat "relevant" photo in this post somehow.


Have a good one y'all!!!

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! THATS MY JILL!!!!! This story made me CRACK up. Goodnight Cowgirl.



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