Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Tryin' to Make it...

Hi Folks! I realize that I have not blogged this week but that's because these precious, adorable HOOLIGANS have been keeping me busy!


Their names are Marcus, Logan, and Troy... They are obviously all brothers and their dad is our hitting coach. He needed me to watch them everyday for this past week and a half and trying to blog while answering 20 questions, refereeing WWF smackdowns, or eating a hamburger happy meal at McDonalds Playplace, is virtually impossible! Coming from a family of all girls- and not having much experience babysitting more than two boys at a time- my eyes have been opened and I have learned A WHOLE LOT.

#1 Boys like to compete and are VERY physical. On the first day I called my mom and asked her this question, "Where do you draw the line with knowing 'boys will be boys' and 'oh my gosh they're gonna murder each other'!?" After two bloody noses, I figured out when to draw the line. Live and learn!


#2 Now this goes for kids in general- the more you give them, the more they want. But how do you resist these precious faces? Yes, I spoiled them rotten... oops!


#3 They forgive and forget unusually easy.


They will punch the livin' daylights out of each other one minute and then be laughing about it the next! I couldn't believe how fast they get over things!

#4 They are WILD. I thought of every way possible to wear them out and I don't think I even hit the surface... we went to the pool, the park, McDonald's Playplace, the ballgames, etc. They even made me drop them off at the curb so they could race home, and I was thinking to myself, "Oh Lord, bless their mother's soul."


#5 But most of the time they are very, very sweet.


The youngest, Troy, had my heart. He's still kind of a baby... Even after a wrestling match, he always wanted me to hold his hand, he loved to play with my hair, and sit in my lap... You know, how little girls are... but he's a little boy and I know he won't be like that for long... I guess that's a good thing! :)


Here are some other lessons I have learned that I will apply to parenting when the time comes:

~ Being a stay-at-home mom will be just as challenging as a "real job"!

~ Aaron and I WILL be dropping the kids off at the grandparents and having date nights...or weekends... or maybe even a date week! :)

~ I will make time for myself... and my sanity.

~ I will do my best to stay in shape so that I can attempt to keep up with them... Boys or girls!

You know, I've practically grown up with Aaron as far as our teenage years go... and I've always "known" how boys are in general, but actually experiencing THREE under the age of nine all at one time for an entire week and a half made what I "know" really hit home.

Overall, it was a very fast-paced, somewhat stressful week, but I sure did learn a lot! I miss them already and it's only been two days!

We've been up to a lot of other things too so I'm gonna catch y'all up in the next post... Until then!

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  1. Jill... i love reading your posts and keeping up with you! Sounds like everything is going well for you and Aaron!



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