Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Victories

So I realize that I have not updated you interested readers on the status of Aaron's arm lately. The last update was to let y'all know that Dr. Andrews had cleared him to start his throwing program and that meant starting out tossing at 45 feet. We have had a few bumps in the road since then but most of the process has gone pretty smoothly. I have come to find that since we don't know the future- whether Aaron will really come back from this surgery or not (meaning, be the hard throwing strikeout pitcher he has always been) - we have to take each step of this rehab process one day at a time. Some days he feels amazing and some days he is in pain... At this early point in his throwing program, feeling great one day and being in pain another day is totally normal and to be expected. On the afternoons I get a phone call and he's really excited about how great his arm felt throwing that day, I count it as a "little victory" for that day, because regardless of how he felt yesterday and how he will feel tomorrow, today was a good day!

The past few days he has been throwing at 75 feet and is feeling great. His shoulder has been pain-free, his fastball is getting back the movement it used to have, and the trainer has had to calm his velocity down a time or two... which makes me think he's getting back to his old self! Yay for little victories! That's what our lives have come down to this year and that's alright... I don't think we will ever take for granted his arm's ability to throw a baseball pain free, much less, "toss" 45 feet ever again. So now you have the full "Aaron's Arm Update".

If you have any more detailed questions (since I don't want to discuss every little minute detail of his life on the world wide web) feel free to ask me anything in the comments section or in a facebook message or phone call and I will be more than happy to privately answer your questions. I know some of you are curious and means so much that you care! Oh and prayers are still greatly needed but I will tell you one thing, they sure are workin! Thank y'all so much!

Now onto another set of "Little Victories".


The Ralencotters, Aaron's dear and precious host family from a couple of summers ago, have 2 pugs that just had little babies! Lyndsey and I went over there to meet them and we fell in love. How could you not?


They are teeny tiny little munchkins.


I think this little guy was hungry... look at his little tongue sticking out!


Well I've got some yummy to my tummy banana bread baking in the oven and the smell is a huge distraction to my blogging so I think I will wrap it up for now. I hope y'all are having a wonderful week and thanks for reading.. It really means a lot!

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