Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Do you and your husband/wife, best friend, or significant other ever do this?


I cannot tell you how many times Aaron and I are getting ready to go somewhere and when we are about to walk out the door we realize... WE MATCH! I promise people, we DO NOT do this on purpose and it's almost embarrassing how often it happens. But we seem to always be in a rush when this happens so we just have to grin and bear it.


Meet Brad Corley.


If you have been a Mississippi State Baseball fan for a while, you will know who this is. He played right field for State '03-'05. He played with the Pittsburgh Pirates for a few years and is now playing with the Rockies. Him and Aaron have been rehabbing together and we have enjoyed having a fellow Southerner/ Mississippi State guy to hang out with.  He is also married, to Emily, and I'm so excited about having a friend this summer!

Aaron's arm has been progressing really well. They have stretched him out enough so that his full range of motion is back, and now they are working on strengthening all the muscles around his shoulder to prepare him to start tossing in June. This injury has really brought his hunger back to throw a baseball and I LOVE to see that in him. I just pray that his recovery keeps going smoothly with no complications.

I have had a few readers say that they have tried to write comments and it wouldn't let them so I'm going to work on that and try to fix the problem with all my technological knowledge.

Well that's all for today... we did something fun yesterday so I will blog about that little adventure soon!


  1. haha!!!!!!! yall are so cute!

    cute pic!!!!

  2. That's great news about Aaron's arm. Tell him to keep working. It will be better than ever. God is good.

    Sue and Gregg

  3. Todd and I end up dressing alike often and I get so excited and call him my "twinkie!" This usually leads him to change;)
    Love all your posts especially the one to your mom...too sweet!

  4. Neal and I dress alike ALL THE TIME!! By accident! And I always dress Holden similar to me too so when we take pictures we look good together! Hee hee



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