Monday, April 12, 2010

Arm Update

We have been sitting on go for a couple of weeks with our bags packed and waiting on one phone call.

Well today we got that phone call, and the Rockies want Aaron to report to extended Spring Training no later than April 26.  We are very thankful they gave us two weeks notice unlike last time when, in the middle of a whoofle ball game in the front yard, we get a call that we have to be there in two days. With only hours to spare, we ate supper, took showers, packed our bags for a month's stay, and drove ALL NIGHT and ALL DAY. At least we don't have to do that this time :)

That was the "where we are" update and so here's the arm update:

Last Monday we had an appointment with Dr. Andrews and it was very positive!  Aaron's arm is right where it needs to be in this rehab process and so we were relieved.  Dr. Andrews asked me how "Nurse Nightingale" was doing... as busy as that man is he still seems to keep a sense of humor!

Aaron has been rehabbing at my dad's clinic and his shoulder is making progress! He has been doing his physical therapy exercises like a champ and is progressing everyday.  For once in my life I can lift more weight with my right arm than he can with his, only because he hasn't used his right arm muscles for two months and that is a BIG deal- for me :)  Of course, he has been lifting weights with every other muscle in his body and is the strongest he has ever been... so I don't even come close to beating him anywhere else. But that's perfectly fine with me I guess ;)

We are exactly 8 weeks from his surgery date and things are going as good as they possibly can, thanks to an extremely skilled surgeon and Aaron's discipline and drive.  I pray everyday for his healing and progression and I would love it if you would too.

I will fill y'all in on how we have been spending our time during this "waiting" period in the next post.  That's all for today!

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