Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our First Year

Here are some pictures that show what we have been up to our first year of marriage:

We got married on February 7 under a canopy of live oak trees in our hometown of Fairhope, Alabama... everyone wore their cowboy/girl boots and we had a GOOD TIME!

I graduated from MSU and moved to Asheville, North Carolina where Aaron was playing ball.
This is our humble abode that was attached to "Ms. Linda's" house.

The beautiful blue ridge mountains... the view from our back porch.

My view to and from every roadtrip.

Katie Dodson was a Godsend. She is married to Stephen Dodson, one of Aaron's good friends and teammates. We did a lot of traveling, cooking, and cheering at baseball games!

Aaron and I at the Asheville Tourists ballpark.

Because of some shoulder trouble (Aaron is a hard-throwing relief pitcher), the Rockies sent us to Tri Cities, Washington where he could rehab and work with a very good pitching coach. So we packed up our most valuable things and headed out west.

But before I moved to Washington to be with Aaron our BEST friends in the whole world, Courtney and Clay, tied the knot!

Tri Cities is in southeastern Washington about 3 hours from Seattle and believe it or not- we were in the desert! It was still very pretty and huge wine country.

In Boise, Idaho after a game...

Seattle was our FAVORITE place Aaron played this summer.

One of my favorite places in Washington: 7 11 to get a SLURPEE! I think I came here every other day.

Well that's all I can post tonight because I've really gotten into an episode of CSI:NY and I also don't have all the pictures I need to add. That's all for today :)

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  1. i LOVE that i now how a visual of your first humble abode. Now all the stories you told me finally make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE BLOG!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.



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