Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Recap

So I have decided not to post the rest of the pictures from this summer because they were taken in Tucson, Arizona which is where we will be reporting to spring training at the beginning of March. So I will take plenty of pictures there in about a month! We lived in Tucson for a month in a hotel. Thankfully it was a very nice hotel with a pool and workout room but needless to say by the end of the month I was ready to GET OUT. I needed space! I also was tired of eating out and eating foods you can only store at room temp or in a fridge... but just to be there with Aaron was a fun adventure and I wouldn't have had it any other way :)

It's crazy how fast time has flown by... Our offseason has been from October until March and we have thoroughly enjoyed the break! Sometimes we wish we were normal and were able to have 9 to 5 jobs and a cute little house but God quickly reminds us that this is what He has called us to do at this time in our lives and because of that we are CONTENT.

Well since this has been a very WORDY post, I will end on this pretty note...

I get to see my Linds this weekend!! She got married in December and I haven't seen her since the wedding so I'm making the trek up to Tupelo for the weekend. Yay!!

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