Monday, October 6, 2014

"Annie" Carter Grovenstein

 photo DSC_8827_zps4875fda3.jpg

While we've been on the subject of her parents the past couple of blog posts, I thought y'all might like to meet little Miss Annie... the newest member of the Grovenstein family. 

 photo IMG_3731_zpsa0972287.jpg

While she looks just like her Mom, she has her Dad's energetic personality.

 photo IMG_1573_zps70e1e9a3.jpg

She is a wild woman!

 photo DSC_8719_zps8379eda2.jpg

She loves to play outside and eat grass and sticks...

 photo DSC_8697_zpsc1a89891.jpg

... and shoelaces...

 photo DSC_8707_zps33e8c0b0.jpg

She will sit upon command...

 photo DSC_8713_zpsed8cf218.jpg

... and is the sweetest little angel you ever did meet. We just love her.

 photo DSC_8825_zps0702940c.jpg

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