Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer 2014 Highlight Reel

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I have to say, it has been a very full summer. Full of celebrations, time with family and friends, the beach, ballpark nights, summer vegetables, berry pickin'... all of that good summer stuff. Here are a "few" (Ha!) photos from my phone that tell the story better than me.

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Jane Gray and her little fam have moved closer!! They have moved from SoCal back to the good ol' South and we are ecstatic to be closer {physically} to each other again... Thankfully, her being across the country never wavered our friendship and I am so grateful. We've already seen each other three times this summer... it's a record!

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Mister James is quite the character and I could literally eat him alive. I have loved getting to kiss his sweet cheeks more often too. He's quite the busy little man and thinks stopping for a pic is a waste of precious time... I'd rather be swimming too, James.

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My birthday fell on a week day where everyone was working except this nurse and teacher... Court {and baby Harlan} and I spent the whole day at the beach and had a blast. {and if I can carry my little babe half as beautifully as Court has carried hers I will be glad...}

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... and she treated me to a birthday dinner at the Gulf. Yum!

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On a typical simple summer afternoon, you could find us riding the golf cart... snow cones in hand.

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Then later on, we would cook dinner for the boys.

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Summertime vegetables are my absolute favorite thing to eat. I could eat a plate of them everyday. Don't let me fool you though... The last four months, I haven't gone a week without eating pepperoni pizza... #preggo

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We spent several summer nights at the ballpark watching FHS baseball classes of 2005-2006  the boys play city league softball. They all played together back in their high school days and a few went on to play in college as well. It was so fun to see them playing together again... It's been 10 years!

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... and their wives had just as much fun watching in the stands. Some of the parents would come too! It was almost like old times...

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We traveled over to Louisville, MS to cheer on Mom, Dad and Evan in the Heart O Dixie triathlon... I was signed up to race too but... I don't think the little bambino would have appreciated the Mississippi heat that day.

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We were one week out from the big wedding! The father and mother of the bride were ballin'! And the groom rocked his very first triathlon... one of the hardest hottest ones in my book. The bride loved getting sweaty hugs from her adoring groom...

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The week of the Ironman, we started calling my Mom our "sherpa" because she was our pack mule/guide throughout the whole week/race day. Well, Jessica and I enjoyed being the sherpas that day and Jessica started calling the little one "sherpee"... and Julie calls it the bambino... :)

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The major highlight of the summer was Evan and Jessica's wedding in Jackson Hole! That whole event/trip deserves a couple of posts on its own so I will be back a little later on with that story.

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Meanwhile... in between workdays... I am unpacking/organizing this new abode we've moved into. Never a dull moment around here!

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