Monday, July 29, 2013

Twelve months and a BSN!

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This time last year, I was writing about the start of nursing school. Twelve mind-stretching months later I am here to tell you that I made it! While my brain has been stretched more than ever before, I can honestly say that I have truly enjoyed most of this year. Seeing the picture above tugs at my heart strings knowing that that might have been the last time we were all together. Just call me "Sentimental Susan..."

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We found out if we didn't already know just how Type A we were and we embraced it... as you may not survive if you weren't. We realized how much we could accomplish on minimal sleep and learned just how well we could operate under pressure. We all constantly worked to balance our relationships with family and friends and school obligations, while making new friendships with each other.

It is still surreal that during our half ironman training two years ago, my sister Jessica talked me into nursing... just a few months later I had my nose in the books of all of my pre-requisites and then found out I was accepted into USA's Accelerated program... and twelve months later I now have a bachelor's degree in nursing... I am worn out just typing that run-on sentence.

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I never realized how much I loved medicine until this program and there were days I literally sat on the edge of my seat excitedly anticipating what I would learn next. The lady in the picture below, Mrs. Azok, has made it her life's work to instruct, challenge and encourage students like us, and every single one of my classmates has the utmost respect for her... not only because she is full of wisdom and knowledge in her 40 years of nursing, but because she has the utmost respect for us. While writing her infamous "web assignments", we affectionately started calling our program "Azok's School of Medicine." :) My mind has been stretched to the limits and while learning patient care {particularly in the critical care setting}, my heart has as well. 

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All of my "favorites" were there to cheer me on... They feel like they survived the program too!

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Aaron has been such a trooper this year. He listened to more lectures while road-tripping and would claim he was ready to take the test! He was content with Chik-fil-a and Little Caesars for way too many meals and was always understanding when my time and attention had to be devoted to a test or paper instead of him, like it used to always be. It also helped that he's been running around busy as a mad man with his own obligations {thankfully}...

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I can honestly say that I have found one of my callings in life and I am so thankful to the Lord for leading me down this hard but rewarding road. There were definitely late nights {more like mornings} that I definitely questioned Him, but He was faithful... just like He has been all of my life. My heart is full of nothing but THANKFULNESS to Him well, and RELIEF right now as I reflect on this past twelve months. We did it!!

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