Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Ate for Lunch Today

So usually for lunch, I eat a grilled cheese or heat up leftovers from the night(s) before and today, I did a little of both.  I named it my open-faced Bruschetta and Brie Melt. Aaron would lovingly classify this little lunch in the "chick food" category. Whatever, it's delicious. {And I know he would gobble it up!}


It was so easy that I felt compelled to share. {And it was too pretty not to photograph!}  


Here's what you need:
~ 1/3 of a french baguette cut in half lengthwise (or any type of bread you have or like)
~ A small handful of spring mix (or spinach, arugula, basil, etc)
~ Several slice of Brie cheese with the rinds cut off (I'm a cheese rind wimp!) (Goat cheese would be delish too!)
~ Two heaping spoonfuls of my bruschetta tomatoes (Quarter a pint of cherry tomatoes, julienne some fresh basil, add about two Tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil, a splash of good balsamic vinegar, and sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste!) (and whatever you have left over is delicious for bruschetta with your leftover baguette- toast it, rub a garlic clove on each piece, and spoon your tomato mixture on top. YUM!)

Here's what I did:
~ Lightly toast the baguette slices in the oven for a few minutes on 450 degrees while you're prepping the other ingredients.
~ When the bread is toasted, arrange the ingredients: lettuce on the bottom, sliced cheese in the middle, and tomatoes on the top.
~ Turn on the broiler, throw the sandwiches in, and watch the cheese melt for about a minute or two. 
~ Enjoy your open-faced Bruschetta and Brie melt!


And yes, I did add Buffalo and Ranch Doritos to my lunch as I do every. single. day.  I can't get enough of these for some reason. Doritos on the side or not, if you make this sandwich, you won't be disappointed I promise!!

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  1. You should do a cookbook. Your pictures are beautiful and directions so easy.



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