Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's the little things

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to spend the whole day with my Grandmomma and Grandaddy... and it was bliss. There are not many things more enjoyable to me... the conversation, the food, the atmosphere, but mostly the conversation leave me filled to the brim. 

These "little things" I photographed are just a few of the constants every time I come to visit and I thought I would share them with you... {and I bet many of you can relate!} 

There are always baked "goodies" on beautiful platters and cake stands to nibble on...


...and a mile-high stack of home decor and cooking magazines for me to read... {She literally saves all her magazines for me and only enables my magazine addiction... The thing is, I certainly get it honest!}


Her home is adorned with all things dainty and lovely... We found these pretty little Jadite salad plates that will be gracing my future dinner table because she let me go home with them!


{My mother and I are Jadite collectors so she's just as excited about them as me!}


There are always thirsty hummingbirds to watch outside their kitchen window...


... while browsing through cookbooks and discussing recipes we've tried or want to try, and there is always fresh mint from her herb garden to grace my glass.


... and for their privacy {and Grandmomma's modest preference}, I won't post a picture of them but this is one of the beautiful rooms in their home... if my Grandmomma was a room, this would be her. 


This room makes me smile and so does spending time with my grandparents... I love them all so much it makes my heart hurt, and I could write a post like this about each of them! I am blessed because of their strong presence in my life and I cherish these days I have with them. Time is so precious and I thank God for such a meaningful gift!

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  1. Beautiful!!!! Moments with Grandparents are precious. I miss my grandmother very much, and enjoyed lots of happy moments with her. Thanks for helping me remember and think of her today. By the way, she always had goodies too. :) And over 100 acres of vegetable gardens, so we always had tomatoes, potatoes, beans/peas, cucumbers and strawberries at every meal. Well, ok, maybe not breakfast. :)

    Thanks again for sharing about your wonderful visit. And your grandmother's room is beautiful so I'm sure she is too. :)



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