Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Urge to "Nest"

southern style home

If you didn't already know, or haven't already realized, Aaron and I have been living with my parents since we got home about a month ago... and I know, we're a newlywed couple and everything but I promise, it's really really fun!

my dream breakfast area

However, every time I come home for the off season (which has only been twice, but still) I get this overwhelming "itch" to have our own little home. You might be thinking, "Well you could rent a little house while you're here..." But you see, renting a little home in Fairhope, Alabama is not exactly the most affordable option when it's only for a few months in the middle of the year... not to mention the thought of moving two times in five months makes me want to hurl.

Oh wait, I just did that!

rustic accents

So we are living it up with Mom and Dad and I have NO reason to complain! They are so generous to let us live with them, eat all their food (Don't worry I cook!), hog two spots on the couch, hang our huntin' boots dry on Mom's decorative home lanterns, etc. Gosh, we are so thankful for them.

windows and ceiling

FYI: these are not pictures of my parents' home... Theirs is beautiful though!

white and gold

Buying/building a house will be in the near future I think... {I hope!} and Mom and Julie and I toured the "Parade of Homes" in Fairhope today and boy did those model homes get my wheels a turnin'!!

gold fixtures

These are some random home photographs I have saved off of various home websites that I am obsessed with... None of these gorgeous rooms {mostly kitchens :) } are anywhere near our budget but a girl can dream can't she?? KEYWORD: DREAM

dream closet


porch size and ceiling

And mind you I have been thinking of my husband too...

huntin camp

In his WILDEST dreams would our home ever look like this... It is beautiful though.

twotone wood

In my WILDEST dreams would our huntin' camp ever be this luxurious.

luxurious huntin camp

So anyways, I just thought I would show you some "eye candy" today... I drool looking at these homes do you?

I am content where we are with our crazy, roller coaster life and all {really and truly, I WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY} but I do believe I have a God-given desire to make a home with my husband and one day, raise my little chicks in our nest, but until that glorious day comes, I will be content in my current circumstances AND adore looking at other people's dream homes.

Am I weird???  Please tell me I'm not!

I will be back soon people with some "real life" photos next time... Until then folks!

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  1. weirdy.... haha just kidding, i love love love these pictures sista



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