Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Bit the Bullet


As many of you know, I have been dreaming of a nice camera for quite some time... "Dreaming" should be translated as intense research, reading reviews, studying photography tutorials, talking with "nice camera" owners, and photographers... this has been going on for months.

Needless to say, Aaron was like, "Just bite the bullet and go get your camera already!!"


You see, I am a pretty frugal person and forkin' out that amount of money is not easy for me. BUT, I know how much I will use it so it really is worth it... {or at least that's what I tell myself!}


I've had my heart set on the Nikon D5000 for a while now and then I made a trip to the local camera store and stumbled across this BRAND SPANKIN' NEW model that Nikon just introduced... the D3100. It is basically a D5000 upgrade and it could not have been introduced to the market in better timing. And thanks to Santa Clause thinking ahead, I got a Tameron 18-270 mm lens that I absolutely love and I will probably never take it off of my camera. It zooms, shoots in macro, as well as big open spaces and it couldn't be any more perfect! Oh, and I might just love my camera strap as much as I do my camera! It's my color.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this new toy of mine...

Can you tell?


Mom and I were total photography nerds and went down by the bay to play with our cameras...


I'm still working on learning my ISO settings and aperture... and all that photography nerd talk. ;)

And keeping with the "nerd" theme, did you know that these Monarchs just made their migration from South America to here? They were actually flying past us all day when we were fishing in the Gulf.

Also, I had to snap a picture of Mother's purty fall decor.


All the traveling we do... Aaron's baseball games... the babies in our distant future... you name it... this camera is an investment... and will be instrumental in recording our lives as we know it right now... as well as this blog... I promise I don't have "buyer's remorse" {Can you tell I was a Marketing major?}... I'm just typing out loud a few of the MANY reasons this camera is a good thing.

Y'all just THOUGHT I put up a ton of pictures on the blog before... Just GET READY.


  1. Where did you buy the camera strap? It's really cute! I'm thinking about buying one as a Christmas present.

  2. Thanks! I bought it at Callagaz in Mobile... It's where I got my camera, lens, and everything else... a local girl makes them and also, I'm sure you could find one online too.



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