Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good Things

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This past Saturday was the first day since maternity leave that I have actually laid down on the couch and read a book. It was wonderful. Yes, I'm working "full time" (three hard 12 hr shifts a week) but on my days off, we have literally filled them to the brim with breakfast/lunch/dinner dates, play dates, beach/pool time, hosting friends and family, cleaning/laundry/organizing, kissing Junie's cheeks, you name it... all good things. These good things, while so fun, can be quite exhausting.

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Spending quality time with "my people" is a major priority in my day to day life. However, I need days like Saturday where I stay home and simply lay low.

Our Junie girl is growing so fast as all little ones seem to do... I am literally trying to savor every cuddle, kiss, diaper change, giggle, bath time, feeding... every moment, because motherhood has taken my sentimental personality up about 1 million notches. I'm beginning to realize that the reason our babies grow so fast is because they just aren't babies for very long!

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Here are a few photos from what we've been up to this summer...

 photo IMG_5788_zpswpalw53w.jpg

{Family pool time}

 photo IMG_5791_zpsq8txilwg.jpg

  photo IMG_5540_zpsphncry8e.jpg

{Play dates with Courtney and Harlan}

 photo IMG_5569_zpsttygoyc8.jpg

 photo IMG_5465_zpsj4hz3fem.jpg

{Fun whirlwind weekends with Jane Gray and James and Brad, Emily, Tucker and Tanner.}

 photo IMG_5600_zps7hqdo8jh.jpg

 photo IMG_5521_zps65nfgfqy.jpg

{An overnight trip to NOLA to spend time with Rex, one of our best friends from baseball life.}

 photo IMG_5518_zpsjg72zqk7.jpg

 photo IMG_5645_zpsbcpjkayn.jpg

{A weekend trip to Birmingham to see Garth Brooks in concert with Courtney and Clay and our first night away from the babes... everyone did fine and June and Harlan received good reports from the grandparents. Honestly, Court and I didn't worry... we just scrolled through pictures on our phone the entire road trip missed them of course!}

 photo IMG_5854_zpshdgb5pbj.jpg

{A picture of my dessert plate from my birthday brunch. I have to add salty bites to cut the sweet... anyone else like that?}

 photo IMG_5735_zps5zv82sum.jpg

{More fun play dates with friends!}

 photo IMG_5832_zpsp04xpvo1.jpg

... and June thinks she's all big rolling over and trying to sit up like a big girl... Her Daddy and her Bri teach her all these new tricks while Mama is at work... and while little milestones are great and everything, it means she's getting big and that is a hard pill to swallow!

 photo IMG_5813_zpsl2tpmqd4.jpg

 photo DSC_0207_zps9utai9yq.jpg

So yes, lots of good things happening right now... I would say I'm trying to stay "balanced" through it all but honestly, I want my life to be heavy on the family and friends time and lighter on everything else... That is what I will continue to strive for. Thanks for reading, readers!


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