Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love you Mom!


This photo was taken on a typical night in the Carter household during the 1990's.

We got to pick out two books for mom to read- our favorites were the Berenstein Bears and the "Me and my little sister" series. I was sitting by mom's side quietly listening- or butting in- either/or, and Julie and Jessica were being "silly girls" probably singing the words of the book or acting it out {and Jessica was probably unknowingly copying everything Julie did or said}. Dad probably took a break from studying after he heard Julie and Jess giggling and obviously thought this was a moment worth photographing. Mom is just trying to muster up enough energy to read every word of the books enthusiastically so we will pay attention, and also break out of her exhausted daze to crack a smile.

In these pictures, we were probably 4, 3, and 2 years old, living in student housing at UMC in a bedroom that all three of us shared {my kids are definitely going to share rooms when they're little... it was so much fun for us!}. Dad was in med school and Mom was working part time as a nurse just to make ends meet.


My mom gave birth to three babies in three years, she has always been our loudest cheerleader at every sporting event/ ballet recital/school function we were in. She made our lunches everyday while we were in school {and she still makes my Dads}.  She remembers everything- as in, if we're going somewhere she is always fully prepared. She is a very hard worker- whether it's cleaning the house, staying in shape, or being a nurse. She was the breadwinner for nine years while my Dad was in med school and residency. She has been the perfect example of a Proverbs 31 woman to all of us and I sincerely pray that I can be as energetic, mindful, patient, and enthusiastic as her when I'm a mother one day.

Not only does she have my utmost respect, I consider her one of my closest friends. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her and talking to her on the phone {everyday} when I'm away. I love her with all of my heart!!

Mom, what if you had to be her? Poor girl, she has eight at one time! 

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Mom's out there... I hope your day is so special!!

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  1. I love this post! Your mom is such an encouragement to me as I try to get Will through school...I can't even imagine having children and doing it! She is such a strong woman and I admire her for that. Miss y'all!



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