Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A King and a Queen

So last Friday night my family (Aaron, mom, dad, julie and jessica) went to New Orleans to see GEORGE AND REBA!! And let me tell you one thing- they put on quite a show! George Strait is one of my favorite country music singers so to have the opportunity to see him in concert was a dream come true.

And I have always liked Reba but never just loved her... That is until last night. She is an amazing entertainer and boy does she make you proud to be a redhead!  She was the cutest thing!

She came out in this hot little number for the encore.  SO sassy! 

And not to leave Leanne Womack out- she was great! Her voice is just as pure live as it is on a CD. Her and Reba sang a duet on stage together and it would give anybody goosebumps!

But after all was said and done I could have listened to George all night long and then some... no wonder people say he's the KING of country music!!

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